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Our rigging industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but the technology is not perfect standard, random production of domestic enterprises, even without reducing the safety factor, so the safety of lifting a great risk. For example, transportation tied with regard, China has not yet standard. Lifting with regard only to promote the standard, there is no mandatory standards.
We must continue to develop foreign technical cooperation, and constantly improve the technical standards, the introduction of the mandatory regulations to ensure the safety of lifting and transportation.
2010 China's economy has been gradually recovering, but the major manufacturing industries such as shipbuilding, steel, metallurgy, machine tools and other industry can not have a big development, but also impossible to achieve before the November 2008 level, therefore, the domestic rigging in 2010 the total market, compared with 2009 there will be some improvement, but it is impossible to achieve in October 2008 before the dosage level.
An enterprise wants to rigging the tide of the economic crisis in an invincible position or valid survive, we must analyze the market trend is good, seize sales focus, strengthen cost control, reduce inventory. In the case of market downturn, not reduce product quality, to seize the customer, to solve problems, for good technical service. Only in this way, companies can weather the storm, through the winter and usher in bright spring.


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