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Turnbuckles, also known turnbuckle
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Turnbuckles, also known turnbuckle, rigging, tight line deduction for fastening wire rope tied.
Turnbuckles for tensioning rope, and regulate the elastic effect of which is not often used for demolition OO Type occasions, CC type is used for frequent removal of the occasion, CO-based remove the other end for end often do not often demolished occasions.
Turnbuckle molded in different ways according to the process is divided into malleable casting, carbon steel, forged, are now available on the market are mainly two kinds of common carbon steel and forged, carbon steel turnbuckle is mainly used for important occasions still tied stable scenes such as garden wind, agricultural greenhouses, etc. Forged turnbuckle for lifting freight bundled reinforcement. Bundle of goods such as logistics, sling connection, steel cable rod connection parts.
Surface treatment: generally plating, hot dip are two major role to play to prevent corrosion.


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