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Baskets bolt screw for telescopic use, can adjust the tightness of rope. Bundled in the transport component elements in the installation calibration loose.
Left and right by a threaded adjusting rod, nut and rod components, adjusting rod is also fixed to the plate, the fixing plate, the guide plate with a bit anti-theft locking bolts are integrally connected to the anti-theft locking device structure. Use must use special supporting sleeve to unscrew theft locking bolts, and its security is good, safe and reliable. Anti-theft locking device is removed, it won without the use of a ring on it along the rod guide plate slides, move a distance can be adjusted to operate, so easy to use. Its structure is simple, easy processing, low cost, and practical. Especially for electricity lines, especially for high voltage tower lever positioning device.
Bolt is a cast steel baskets, design calculations, only the calculation of their corresponding lever can be, but baskets specifications should be higher than the high one rod, the following are commonly used in steel structure design and the corresponding baskets rod specifications:


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