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Rope twist around at the level can be divided into single-winding rope, roping and three double rope around
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By a number of thin wire around a metal core twist from the system, flexibility is poor, easy to wear when bent repeatedly broken, mainly for not exercising taut cable.
Dual roping
Shares by the twisted steel wire rope core and then surrounded by a twisted rope shares. Common core of hemp rope core, high-temperature operation is appropriate asbestos-core or soft steel wire twisted metal core. Dipping the cord in front rope lubricant, wire each other to reduce the damage caused by friction. Dual flexible rope around better, making simple and most widely used.
Three roping
For shares in double abseil rope around the core and then twisted around double rope, good flexibility; but manufacturing is more complex, and the wire is too thin, easy to wear, it is rarely used. Rope wound around and along the cross direction around the two kinds. Wire twisted into stocks and shares around the twisted rope around the same who said to shun around. Shun contact between the wire rope around better, flexibility is also good, long life, but there is a tendency to twist loose, should not be used to enhance the free end of the rope hanging heavy objects can be used as a rigid guide rails for heavy line when upgrading a rope or leash. Wire twisted into stocks and shares around the twisted rope around the wound to the contrary, said post. The rope is not easy to reverse the cross around loose, widely used in the lifting operation.
a right-interactive twist ZS: Right rope twist, twist stranding shares left direction of stocks within the wire twist in the opposite direction, said interactive twist
b Left interactive twist SZ: rope left twist, twist the right stocks
c Right in the same direction twist ZZ: Right rope twist, twist the right stocks
d left twisting in the same direction: left rope twist, twist left stocks


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